A Passion for Challenge and Excitement

You don’t often hear someone say their job gives them a sense of euphoria, but Edlong’s QA Manager Binu Nair feels an adrenaline rush every time she completes a project. She can’t say enough good things about her co-workers, interest in problem solving and the pride she takes in her company.

Binu Nair
QA Manager
Joined Edlong in June 2016

How would you describe your typical day?
It’s always a good kind of crazy. It’s rarely repetitive and I’m prepared for the unexpected.

What’s your favorite part about working for Edlong?
For sure it’s the people—our CEO, the Leadership team, everyone. Edlongers give each other the same privileged attention and importance that we give to our external customers, making work very collaborative and efficient.

As the saying goes, “You can have the best strategy and the best building in the world, but if you don’t have the hearts and minds of the people who work with you, none of it comes to life.” We always support each other.

Is there a project, event, etc. that sticks out in your mind or a favorite memory that you might have from your time here?
So far, every project big or small, has been both challenging and exciting. Whether one is involved directly or indirectly, once it is complete, there is that fleeting moment of euphoria before we move on to the next one and the cycle begins again.

How does what you do impact Edlong’s customers?
I oversee food safety and quality. Of course, food safety is very important to us and to our customers!

How does your work make Edlong better?
I help build trust, and stay true and brave with my decisions, even if at times it means going against the grain to protect and enhance my company’s name and reputation.

Favorite food?
I come from India which is a land of many cultures, each with a plethora of gastronomical delights, so picking a favorite is impossible. However, on any given day, I’m content with simple comfort food like “Daal Chaawal” (rice and lentils). When I indulge—wine, cheese and chocolate are divine. Combine it with a good book or music, and I’m in heaven!

Your favorite thing to do for fun?
Getting out of the house with the family on a nice sunny day—trekking, hiking, cycling, or even simply walking.

Any other anecdotes, or an interesting story about your time at Edlong?
I love what I do. Everything is critical and we are always solving a problem, trying something new or helping a coworker. This inspires my sense of pride. “Work with a will and you will find pleasure in your work.”

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