Beverage Applications

Beverage Applications

Capturing authentic or signature taste in beverage applications requires specialized flavor knowledge. With over a century of experience in delivering the true taste of dairy, Edlong offers of the broadest portfolio of dairy, dairy-free, and vegan flavors to meet a variety of taste and texture needs – and we excel at working with you to develop custom, and sometimes even unexpected, solutions to rapidly achieve your specific beverage application goals.

Beverage Applications

Collaboration that Drives Beverage Innovation

Edlong is where the industry’s most extensive library of dairy and dairy-free beverage flavors meets proven technical expertise. Collaboration at every stage of the developmental process is at the foundation of our beverage application solutions, working with you closely to create signature profiles that suit your specific beverage application needs. Through chemistry, dairy raw material knowledge and customization skills, food and sensory science, instrumental analysis, and creativity, we work with you to blend, layer, and deliver the solution that both meets your customer’s demand for great taste and your functional and cost in-use requirements.

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Contact us to talk to a Flavor Expert

Contact us to talk to a Flavor Expert
I’m fortunate to be a part of the Edlong Applications team, with exposure to so many different projects that help customers launch great tasting beverages into the market.
Renata Rojek Edlong Principal Scientist / Lab Technician Supervisor

Authentic Dairy & Dairy-Free Beverage Flavors and Solutions

With a portfolio of hundreds of dairy flavors that can be applied in thousands of combinations, ranging from milk, cream, cheese, and butter to sweet dairy and cultured, Edlong has – or will create – custom flavor solutions ideal for meeting your specific beverage application needs.

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Visit our Flavor Explorer

Visit our Flavor Explorer

Beverage Flavor Solutions From The Experts

Edlong flavors and our R&D experts have delivered richness and depth as well provided solutions for masking and imparting the authentic taste of dairy for a wide variety of beverage products, including plant-based and allergen-free beverages, better-for-you options, teas, carbonated drinks, lattes, smoothies, bar drinks, and more. We’ve solved sweetness challenges with no characterizing dairy profiles, and added texture, mouthfeel, and balanced flavor to both dairy and dairy-free beverage applications.

Edlong flavors are used in a full spectrum of beverage applications with an ability to withstand almost any storage and processing condition – from cultured, pH-sensitive, or plant-based, to chilled, ambient, or even low-fat applications. Additionally, we offer heat-stable flavors safe for aseptic, hot-fill and retort products. Our flavors can help you leverage the inherent taste in everything from coffee concentrates to chocolate mixes, as well as boost sweetness in applications like yogurt-based drinks or improve mouthfeel and masking for fortified beverages.

Edlong flavors can be found in the products of the world’s most trusted beverage brands, from milk substitutes and low-fat dairy beverages to kefir dairy products, drink mixes and beyond.

Ready to find your beverage flavor solution?

Connect with our R&D Experts

Connect with our R&D Experts

Authentic Flavors for Every Food Application

These icons show the versatility of Edlong flavors


These flavors do not contain any known allergens. **Disclaimer- non-allergen statements will vary due to country specific regulations. Check with regulatory for country specific allergen details.

flavor Builder

Functional; These flavors offer variations for the onset and building of the flavor impact


These flavors contain no dairy, are Kosher Pareve and are suitable for plant-based dairy alternative products

heat tolerant flavor

Functional; These flavors are stable under higher temperatures throughout processing

Flavor Masking

Functional; These flavors provide masking properties to alleviate bitterness and off-notes


Functional; These flavors provide richness and mouthfeel to positively impact taste profiles

natural flavors

These flavors satisfy consumer desire for ‘No Artificial Flavors’


These flavors do not contain any added genetically modified sourced ingredient


These flavors are Organic compliant and are suitable for any organic application

replacer icon

Functional; These flavors provide performance improvement for healthy reduction and commodity replacement

Sweet Enhancer

Solutions that can help with shortening the onset of sweetness; increasing sweetness peak; reducing sweetness linger; and leveraging inherent sugar.


These flavors contain no animal, dairy, egg or honey products and are suitable for vegan applications

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