Bring Regional Authenticity To The Table With Global Butter Flavors

While the pandemic has made passports a thing of the past for many, just because you can’t collect stamps while traveling world it doesn’t mean your taste buds can’t explore international flavors. Edlong’s Global Butter Flavors Collection lets consumers experience US grass-fed richness, Australian/New Zealand creaminess, Latin American sweetness, and European tanginess.

Butter flavor profiles are distinctly different around the world. Taste varies, depending on what a cow has eaten, how the cream is processed, the local climate, and cultural preferences. Now you can create authentic international tastes, appeal to your consumers’ sense of adventure, and use flavors to recreate and match the taste profiles of gold standard products already in the marketplace with our Global Butter Flavors collection. From Natural, Non-GMO, and Whole Foods®-Compliant to EU-Compliant to dairy-free and vegan, our collection offers flavors that meet your application’s requirement. So let’s explore the different regional butters in our Global Butter Flavors Collection!



This distinctive butter flavor comes from free-range cows that graze on lush grass that grows in a specific climate.


Australia and New Zealand produce sweet cream and cultured butters. You’ll find many butters that source milk year-round from grass-fed cows, for a unique and distinctive taste profile.


Latin American mantequilla (butter) is known for its sweet, dairy, cooked and fruity notes. Butter from the Chipilo region is famous throughout Mexico.


Cultured cream butter is standard in continental Europe. These butters have a tangy note, stronger aroma and fuller taste than American sweet cream butters.

“Using butter flavors for masking in dairy-free and better-for-you applications allows you to cover up off-notes while delivering a taste that is typically found in many foods naturally, so it easily creates a well-balanced, authentic end product.”

– Julie Drainville, Edlong Sensory Manager
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How Do Butter Flavors Help?

• Offer authentic butter flavors from USA, Europe, Latin America, and Oceania
• Create premium taste and value
• Produce a consistent profile time after time
• Replicate complex profiles
• Meet stability and functionality requirements
• Create authentic tasting dairy-free and better-for-you products
• Improve any dairy or dairy-free application

Ready to explore how our global butters collection could bring the perfect taste profile to your next food or beverage product? Our R&D and Applications teams are ready to leverage over a century of experience in dairy taste and our cultivated library of hundreds of flavors that can be applied in thousands of combinations, contact us to find just the right solution for your needs.

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