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Functional Italian Herb and Cheese Snack Bar Demo featuring Edlong Flavors

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Our Functional Italian Herb and Cheese Snack Bar is a featured demo, crafted specifically for our Flavors for Snack Success™ Series. This exclusive, limited-time demo highlights our new masking technology, the SUPERMASKER™.

This demo will come with a flavored and unflavored version for comparison so you can taste the impact of our flavors firsthand!

Get a taste of how you can craft a wholesome and delicious, high-protein, mood-boosting snack that all ages can enjoy. All by leveraging dairy and dairy-type flavors. Request your complimentary demo today!

Functional Italian Herb and Cheese Snack Bar Demo

This baked snack bar contains oats, chia seeds, pistachios, almonds, and pea protein. It also features mushrooms as a functional ingredient to boost immunity and provide adaptogenic properties that can help decrease stress.

Made with our brand NEW SUPERMASKER™ Masking Technology and savory dairy flavors, this application showcases how you can give your consumers both the functionality and great taste they crave!

Allergen Warning: Nuts – Pistachio & Almonds

Key Flavor Features:

dairy free

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If you are based in the US or Canada, request this complimentary demo to discover how dairy flavors can enhance your next snack development project! Experience Edlong flavors right at your fingertips.

Innovate From a Blank Canvas:


Unlike other masking solutions, which may impart unwanted taste profiles and can only target masking for one plant protein source, our SUPERMASKER™ technology allows a single flavor to mask several individual proteins without leaving any unwanted residual notes behind.

Get a taste of how our SUPERMASKER™ work by requesting a complimentary demo!

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