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Bienvenido al Buscador de Sabores de Edlong(tm): su ventana a nuestros sabores lácteos y libres de lácteos, formulados para brindar un sabor auténtico y ayudar a resolver sus desafíos específicos de desarrollo de productos.

Busque sabores por perfil de sabor, aplicación o forma física. Solicite muestras y / o consulte con un técnico experto en cualquier momento. Explore y aprenda más sobre nuestras soluciones de sabor.



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Flavor Regions

Where will your product be available?

In which of the geographical areas provided will your application/final product be sold to consumers?


What is the application of the food or beverage you are creating?

Our flavors may function differently depending on the base and end-product format. Our flavor solutions can be customized to suit your requirements.


Does the project you are working on have specific requirements related to the use of dairy in the final formulation?

If your product does not have any specific requirements, please select "ANY." If your final product formulation will be dairy-free, select "DAIRY FREE." If you are specifically looking for dairy-based flavors, select "DAIRY."

Flavor Profiles

What taste profile(s) would you like in your end-product?

Taste characteristics as described by consumer test subjects that have sampled the flavor. Profiles range from broader terms such as "creamy" and "dairy," to specific traits like "vanilla" or "cotija."

  • Buttery
  • Cheesey
  • Milky & Creamy
  • Cultured
  • Sweet
  • Masking & Mouthfeel

Flavor Origin

Does your product need to be all Natural or can it include flavors that are Artificial?

The originating process or formula from which the flavor is derived. We offer flavors made entirely from natural ingredients, flavors sourced from artificial elements, and hundreds more that can be a combination of the two.

Attributes & Certifications

Are there any specific label or certification requirements that need to be met? Check any attributes that apply.

Every flavor we offer has undergone rigorous testing phases and certification processes to distinguish which flavors meet your required label restrictions. These include: solubility, kosher status, US Organic Certified, Whole Foods® Certified, Non-GMO, or other restrictions required for your application.

Whole Foods Compliant

Non GMO Does NOT Contain

Halal certified or certifiable

US Organic Compliant

Vegan Suitable Formula

Kosher Certificate

Water soluble

Oil soluble

Physical Form

What physical form, if known, is required for your application?

The Physical Form is the format in which our flavors are delivered, with variations designed to meet the intended application’s needs and typical processing conditions. Although some flavors are only available in certain forms, we specialize in creating customized flavors to meet your needs.

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Although your initial search turned up no immediate matches, we may still have flavors that suit your specific needs. Connect with our team of proven flavor experts that specialize in identifying existing formulations and innovating custom solutions to meet your specific project requirements.

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