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Functional Flavored Snack Demos

Taste for yourself how Edlong’s dairy and dairy-type flavors can transform your snack products and be the ultimate game-changer to give your consumers what they are looking for: functionality and delicious taste!

Our Global R&D Teams have developed three unique snack demos for your tasting pleasure. Complete the form below to request the available demo for your region!*


Functional Italian Herb and Cheese Snack Bar

Functional Italian Herb and Cheese Snack Bars

This baked bar contains oats, chia seeds, pistachios, almonds, and pea protein. The functional ingredient is a mushroom powder with adaptogenic properties for an immunity boost. Edlong’s new masking technology, SUPERMASKER™, is used to eliminate the off-notes of the functional ingredients, providing a delicious way to support your well-being!

Allergen Warning: Nuts – Pistachio & Almonds

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Curry Seasoned Low-Sodium Toasted Pumpkin Protein Cracker with Tumeric

Enhanced with a reduced-salt butter curry seasoning, this cracker delivers rich umami flavors and salt enhancement, perfect for sodium-reduced products while also adding a touch of sweetness for sugar-reduced options. Elevate your snacking experience with this nutritious and flavorful delight! 



High-Protein Flavored Clusters

Featuring both a cranberry camembert and vanilla cream profile, as well as ancient grains, these clusters showcase how Edlong flavors can elevate your snack game! Utilizing Edlong’s masking technology to cover the off-taste of the pea protein, these high-protein clusters are as delicious as they are nutritious. We invite you to taste this delightful snack! 

*Demos are only available in the US, Canada, Mexico and Europe region. However, if you are interested in learning more about our solutions or would like to put in a special request for a demo, please reach out to us through our Contact Us page. Thank you for your understanding.

Innovate From a Blank Canvas:



Unlike other masking solutions, which may impart unwanted taste profiles from the flavor and only target masking for one protein source at a time, this technology allows for the masking of multiple proteins at once with just one flavor that doesn’t leave behind any characterizing notes.

Get a taste of how our SUPERMASKER™ work by requesting a complimentary demo!

Functional F&B Playbook
How to Transform Foods & Beverages into Functional Powerhouses

This playbook examines the role functional foods play for today’s consumers.

Today’s consumers are more nutrition-savvy than ever before. According to a recent survey, 75% of respondents said they were willing to pay more for products that could offer “health benefits such as digestive health and immunity.” However, the one thing consumers aren’t willing to sacrifice is taste. Food manufacturers need to strike the perfect balance of nutrition and taste to create successful functional foods.

This Playbook explores the rise of functional foods among all generations while offering solutions and best practices for brands hoping to streamline and capitalize on the current functional foods trends.

Download the playbook to discover:

  • The intersection of nutrition, wellness, and taste
  • Questions food manufacturers should be asking during product development
  • Creating a winning flavor profile
  • Finding the right approach for achieving flavor success

Functional Trend Infographic
Top Functional Snacking Trends

What’s Inside the Top Functional Snacking Trends Infographic?

  • Top claims on the funtional space
  • Consumer behaviour
  • Global growth of the functional market
  • And more!

Don’t miss out on the rising functional trend and download our complimentary Top Functional Snacking Trends Infographic!


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