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Register today for the Functional Beverage Pro Series™ powered by Edlong. This virtual event, which includes access to an exclusive webinar, playbook, demo tasting, and more is a must-attend for food developers responsible for innovating in the beverage space.

Functional Flavored Beverage Demos

Taste for yourself how Edlong’s Sweet Success™ line of Natural sweet dairy and dairy-type flavors can deliver on functional beverages that both “do more” and taste great!

Our Global R&D Teams have developed three unique beverage demos for your tasting pleasure. Complete the form below to request the available demo for your region!*



Cookies & Cream High-Protein Milk with DHA

A deliciously nutritious milk beverage crafted with ultra-filtered milk boasting 13 grams of protein and 380 milligrams of calcium in every serving! But wait, there’s more! We’ve infused it with 50 milligrams of DHA omega-3 for that extra brain-boosting goodness. Indulge in the irresistible cookies and cream flavor, complemented by a hint of cocoa, making it the ultimate treat for both your taste buds and your health.



Tiramisù Cold Brew Beverage with Nootropic & Adaptogenic Properties

Introducing our 0% added sugar RTD oat cold brew, inspired by the iconic Italian dessert! A delightful beverage that indulges your senses packed with caffeine, L-Theanine, and Ashwagandha. This functional drink offers a super combo known for its calming and stress-relieving properties. Experience the perfect synergy between these ingredients, Edlong flavors and naturally present caffeine, giving you all the energy!



Caramel Vanilla High-Protein Almond Beverage

Say hello to our irresistibly rich and creamy flavored Caramel Vanilla High-Protein Almond Beverage! Crafted to perfection that tantalizes your taste buds and nourishes your body. Savor the velvety smoothness of Edlong caramel flavors perfectly blended with the sweetness of vanilla in every sip while this High-Protein beverage gives you the protein boost you need to conquer your day!

Webinar Recording

Flavors for Functional Beverages

Gain trend and development insights from our experts on the challenges of developing with functional ingredients and how you can deliver on beverages that not only meet consumer demand to “do more” but that also taste great.

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Webinar Experts

Denise Senter

Facilitator: Denise Senter, Edlong CCO

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Dr. Bernd Koehler, Edlong Global VP of R&D

Dr. Bernd Koehler, Edlong Global VP of R&D

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Anne Marie Butler, Edlong Global Director of Strategy and Innovation

Anne Marie Butler, Edlong Global Director of Strategy & Innovation

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