Functional over Flowers: What mom really wants this Mother’s Day

With their active, on-the-go lifestyles and commitment to health and wellness, Gen Z and Millennials remain the focus of attention.

This is particularly noticeable when discussing trends like functional or better-for-you foods and beverages.

Yet, often lost in the conversation is a demographic that has always been active, on the go, and in need of nutritious options to satisfy even the pickiest eaters.

We’re talking about moms.

You know, the ones often responsible for making sure the whole household functions.

This struggle of balancing work, life, the kids’ schedules, and more applies equally to all moms, especially to younger and new moms from the previously mentioned generations.

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In honor of Mother’s Day, we reached out to two of our very own new moms, Jessa Friedrich, Director of Marketing, and Lauren Hopkins, Sr. Director of Business Development – Americas, to get their perspective on these trending products and how Edlong works to support mothers like them.

How do functional and better-for-you foods and beverages make a difference in your day-to-day lives as moms?

Lauren:We try to eat a home-cooked family meal almost every weeknight, but as a family that’s always out and about, it’s the in-between occasions during the day I need to worry about.

In other words, this means snacks, snacks, snacks (and beverages too)!  In fact, I never leave the house without a bag of snacks that can satisfy each member of the family.

For example, if tee ball practice falls during dinner time, the baby won’t wait to eat, so I need options to make sure she’s taken care of.

This makes convenience a huge factor in my purchase decisions. Still, I also want to find products that deliver added benefits like protein, vitamins/minerals, etc., while still tasting great.


My family lives on Thrive Market for healthy and functional foods and snacks that I can’t find at my local grocery store. From our 10-month-old’s go-to puffs and crackers to my son’s RTD “kid shakes”, I am always looking at adding nutrients to their diets.

It’s also great for my husband and me. Products like his favorite protein-added KIND bars, my plant-based RTD protein shakes, Chomps jerky sticks (I literally can’t get enough), and others help give us the energy we need to make it through the day and be there for each other and the kids.”

Jessa: “Being a new mom means finding nutritious meals that are quick and convenient for both me and my 10-month-old is a top priority.  Surprisingly, I’ve been reading the labels a lot closer to make sure each purchase meets our functional and nutritional needs.

For that reason, we have always been fans of shopping at Whole Foods, but with less time for grocery shopping in the store, convenience has become key. Lately, we’ve shifted to ordering groceries online from there and Thrive Market.

I always start my day with a matcha tea or latte for its functional benefits. This is a favorite because it’s dairy- and soy-free and packs just enough “healthy” energy to help me take care of my work and my daughter throughout the day.

Like Lauren, we’re also huge fans of Chomp’s jerky as a between-meals protein fix to hold us over to the next meal time.

We also love any low-sodium bone broth we can find. My daughter is loving solids at the moment, and one of her favorite dinners is orzo pasta in bone broth with peas. Bone broth is packed with healthy nutrients, and the organic pasta and peas are great additions for making sure she has a full belly to help her stay asleep through the night, which is a functional benefit all its own.

These functional products also allow me to indulge in a healthy way. My current go-to is Thrive Market chocolate hazelnut butter, which has MCT and is sweetened with monk fruit. It allows me to satisfy my sweet tooth without the sugar crash. Plus, as a new mom, the added energy and benefits from the MCT are a bonus.”

What has Edlong done to support you as a Mom?

Jessa: “Honestly, I can’t express how helpful being a part of a company like Edlong has been, especially as a first-time mom. As a woman-owned company, we strive to empower women in the workplace, and a considerable part of that is offering paid leave as well as a flexible schedule and supportive team.


But, maybe even more impactful is just how extremely understanding and empathetic leadership is to the challenges of pregnancy and being a new mom, not making me feel like I have to choose. It’s a privilege to work for the company deservedly ranked in the top 2 Best Places to Work for Women in IL.”

Lauren: “I completely agree with this. Being a mom with young children and a career means there are going to have to be tradeoffs. Yes, you can have it all, but you’re going to need help.

Edlong’s policy was very supportive, allowing me to not worry about my job or my financial security while bonding with my new baby and adjusting as our family grew from three to four members. Even the support and understanding I continue to receive almost seven months later after returning to work really does make all the difference.”

To all the moms out there, Edlong thanks you for all you do and for helping us to become everything that we can be.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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About the Authors:

Lauren Hopkins, Sr. Director of Business Development – Americas

Lauren Hopkins, Edlong Sr. Director of Business Development – Americas

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I’m a Sr. Director of Business Development – Americas at Edlong with a passion for helping product designers and executives launch the next innovative food products. I have an unwavering belief in my team, their ability, and our products that is backed by a track record of customers who have saved time and resources by working with us. Your next great product is on the horizon, and I’ll help you bring it to as many shelves, tables, and hearts as possible.

Jessa Friedrich, Director of Marketing

Jessa Friedrich, Edlong's Senior Digital Marketing Manager

Let’s connect on LinkedIn!

Jessa has over 12 years of experience in Marketing as well as a Bachelor of Science and MBA in the field. She has also been a keynote speaker and hosted various roundtables at conferences speaking on the use of digital marketing and market trends to drive business growth. She has been at Edlong for over three years working her way up in the marketing department. She works with their global R&D and Sales teams to identify and explore future trends in the food and beverage industry.

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