The Gold Standard in Vegan Desserts

Edlong dairy flavors reinvent the creaminess, richness and mouthfeel of dairy flavors, helping recreate Gold Standard recipes in vegan desserts. Starting with superior ingredients, and honed through unparalleled dairy expertise, we are able to help our customers achieve culinary indulgence—bringing to life their Gold Standard vision—even in a traditionally rich and indulgent category like desserts. Flavor profiles such as milk, cream and butter, and sweet profiles like caramel, custard and cheesecake, provide the decadence consumers expect when they enjoy a sweet treat. Increasingly these consumers are looking for the same decadence in products that are free from dairy, and Edlong helps chefs and food scientists meet this challenge in a wide range of vegan foods including vegan desserts.

We help food manufacturers achieve their formulation goals and satisfy their unique requirements. Our more than 250 dairy-free and vegan flavors can be used to create a nearly infinite selection of indulgent Gold Standard recipes, including vegan desserts such as these:

Vegan Meringue—Meringues are often referred to as “French kisses” and we think you’ll fall in love with these delicate treats. Our version is made with aquafaba, the trendy vegan chickpea “wonder” ingredient, to replace all of the egg found in traditional meringues.

Vegan Cheesecake Mousse—This innovative dessert incorporates a strong cheese flavor to develop a creamy texture, along with goat cheese and blueberry compote. The goat cheese flavor creates a balanced, cheesecake-like profile, Edlong yogurt flavor adds tart and cultured notes, and the vanilla custard flavor imparts sweetness.

Vegan Ice Cream—Wonderfully versatile, we start with a sweet, indulgent base that captures the mouthfeel and sweetness of ice cream, and from which a number of flavor profiles can be created. We’re particularly fond of our Toasted Coconut Caramel and an on-trend “Speculoos-Style” ice cream that highlights the unique taste of the popular European cookie.

Vegan Praline Blondies—The rich, sweet and decadent taste of a Praline Blondie emerges from this soft and creamy dessert that is actually made from chickpeas and sweet potatoes. Toasted pecans and brown sugar flavors help capture the flavor of this Southern favorite.

Vegan Caramel Chews—We balance sweet cream and butter notes to produce this distinct, chewy and ultra-creamy caramel confection. You would never know these delicious bite-sized treats are made without any butter.

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