Our dairy expertise extends to leveraging both the taste and the functionality of our flavors to improve the mouthfeel of your products. With a breadth and depth of mouthfeel technologies, including hundreds of dairy and dairy-free options, Edlong offers unmatched capabilities in improving the texture for a wide range of food and beverage applications – even for vegan and gluten-free products.

Dairy Can Be a Mouthfeel Game-Changer

A consumer’s preference for a food or beverage product is linked to both its flavor and texture.  Taste expectations encompass a wide range of tactile sensations, from mouth-watering chips, burgers, and plant-based burgers to the creaminess of a latte. Taste continues to be the top purchase driver for consumers, and Mouthfeel is an integral part of their overall eating and drinking experience.

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Talk to a Flavor Expert

Talk to a Flavor Expert

Edlong offers dairy and dairy-free flavors that are proven to amplify the perceived mouthfeel of food and beverage applications; in a recent third-party consumer study of people who sampled Edlong-flavored iced tea:


reported it tasted thicker


perceived it as being creamier

From low or sugar-free beverages, reduced fat or fat-free applications, to the traditional dairy foods in snack seasonings, and plant-based alternative dairy, Edlong’s extensive range of solutions deliver key mouthfeel benefits, including making beverages taste creamier, imparting an indulgent fatty perception to cheese and sour cream, and intensifying the perceived thickness in iced tea, zero calorie sodas, alcoholic beverages, and the like.

Authentic Dairy & Dairy-Free Solutions

The perceived mouthfeel of a food or beverage can make-or-break your product, and this perception can be affected by several elements. From texture and chemical feeling factors to even flavor and aroma compounds – it’s why our flavorists bring decades of mouthfeel expertise to your project, and a proven track record for solving tactile food and beverage challenges.

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Visit our Flavor Explorer

Visit our Flavor Explorer
“Edlong’s expertise in leveraging not just the taste of dairy, but the functionality of dairy is second to none – and our customers can see this for themselves in the many demos we have available to experience.”
Julie Drainville Edlong Sensory Manager

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Our team of food and beverage sensory scientists, chefs, and applications experts are at the ready to develop and deliver the custom formulation solution that meets your specific needs.

Let’s start innovating together.

Connect with a Flavor Expert

Connect with a Flavor Expert

Authentic Flavors for Every Food Application

These icons show the versatility of Edlong flavors


These flavors do not contain any known allergens. **Disclaimer- non-allergen statements will vary due to country specific regulations. Check with regulatory for country specific allergen details.

flavor Builder

Functional; These flavors offer variations for the onset and building of the flavor impact


These flavors contain no dairy, are Kosher Pareve and are suitable for plant-based dairy alternative products

heat tolerant flavor

Functional; These flavors are stable under higher temperatures throughout processing

Flavor Masking

Functional; These flavors provide masking properties to alleviate bitterness and off-notes


Functional; These flavors provide richness and mouthfeel to positively impact taste profiles

natural flavors

These flavors satisfy consumer desire for ‘No Artificial Flavors’


These flavors do not contain any added genetically modified sourced ingredient


These flavors are Organic compliant and are suitable for any organic application

replacer icon

Functional; These flavors provide performance improvement for healthy reduction and commodity replacement

Sweet Enhancer

Solutions that can help with shortening the onset of sweetness; increasing sweetness peak; reducing sweetness linger; and leveraging inherent sugar.


These flavors contain no animal, dairy, egg or honey products and are suitable for vegan applications

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