Sweetness Enhancement

Sweetness Enhancement

Enhancing the sweetness of your dairy, dairy-free, and plant-based applications, including reduced-sugar ones, requires specialized flavor expertise and resources. The global Edlong flavor team knows which compounds from our industry-leading library of dairy and dairy-free flavor building blocks are ideal to help you deliver the sweet taste consumers demand – without adding sugar.

Dairy Can Be a Sweetness Enhancer

Meeting increasing consumer demand for products that deliver authentic sweet flavor, including those with reduced sugar, can be a challenge, but the inherent sweetness of dairy compounds provide a unique opportunity to improve taste without adding sugar.

The flavor experts at Edlong leverage this insight to not only deliver ingredient solutions that can increase the perception of sweetness in your food and beverage applications, but also improve mouthfeel – all without adding sugar.

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Talk to a Flavor Expert

The foundation of our customers’ success in sweetness enhancement is the industry’s largest assortment of dairy and dairy-free flavors, coupled with our proven expertise in formulating customized flavor solutions to suit your specific needs.
Madison Giacherio Edlong Food Scientist

Authentic Dairy & Dairy-Free Solutions

Edlong’s sweetness enhancement capabilities deliver a host of potential benefits to meet your application’s requirements. From shortening the onset of sweetness to increasing sweetness peak and reducing sweetness linger, to complimenting and leveraging existing or inherent sugar already in your product (i.e., fructose in fruit juices, lactose in milk, etc.), or even helping suppress acidity, bitterness, and astringency as a holistic approach.

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Visit our Flavor Explorer

Visit our Flavor Explorer

Edlong Sweet Spot® Flavors

With the industry’s largest library of dairy flavor building blocks as an innovation resource, Edlong has developed Sweet Spot®, a proprietary collection of flavors that naturally lend a subtle, clean taste profile and a lingering sweetness in dairy and non-dairy food and beverage applications. Without imparting an overt dairy taste, Edlong Sweet Spot® flavors help enhance existing sweetness without adding sugar and help optimize reduced-sugar applications where existing sugar exists.

Edlong flavors are ideal for a wide range of reduced-sugar applications that benefit from enhanced sweetness, ranging from bakery goods, cereal bars, and beverages to creamers, cookies, and more. In fact, a paired comparison study at N.C. State revealed that Edlong-flavored iced tea created a sweeter, thicker perception for consumers than unflavored iced tea – without needing any added sugar, fat, gums, or texturizers. The term perception as it relates to flavors is an important one, as analytical measurement may not indicate changes, while sensory perception does.

The expertise of our food and beverage sensory scientists, chefs, and applications experts is at the ready to work with you and deliver the sweetness enhancement solution that suits your application’s requirements.

Let’s start innovating together.

Connect with a Flavor Expert

Connect with a Flavor Expert

Authentic Flavors for Every Food Application

These icons show the versatility of Edlong flavors


These flavors do not contain any known allergens. **Disclaimer- non-allergen statements will vary due to country specific regulations. Check with regulatory for country specific allergen details.

flavor Builder

Functional; These flavors offer variations for the onset and building of the flavor impact


These flavors contain no dairy, are Kosher Pareve and are suitable for plant-based dairy alternative products

heat tolerant flavor

Functional; These flavors are stable under higher temperatures throughout processing

Flavor Masking

Functional; These flavors provide masking properties to alleviate bitterness and off-notes


Functional; These flavors provide richness and mouthfeel to positively impact taste profiles

natural flavors

These flavors satisfy consumer desire for ‘No Artificial Flavors’


These flavors do not contain any added genetically modified sourced ingredient


These flavors are Organic compliant and are suitable for any organic application

replacer icon

Functional; These flavors provide performance improvement for healthy reduction and commodity replacement

Sweet Enhancer

Solutions that can help with shortening the onset of sweetness; increasing sweetness peak; reducing sweetness linger; and leveraging inherent sugar.


These flavors contain no animal, dairy, egg or honey products and are suitable for vegan applications

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