IFT 2023

McCormick Place, Chicago, IL
July 17 – 19

Get a deep dive of everything
the taste of dairy can be!

A Closer Look at the Exclusive Tastings from Edlong at IFT: Discover the Power of Authentic Dairy & Dairy-Type Flavors

Experience authentic dairy taste in our dairy and dairy-free demos showcased at our booth during the 2023 IFT FIRST Annual Event & Expo. Which was your favorite? Learn more about each of these demos below and make sure to contact our global team of R&D experts to see how we can work the same magic in your products.

Madison’s Chocolate Mousse & Cookie

The main body of the plant-based mousse is provided by Innovapro’s
in place of the traditional meringue. Edlong milk flavor is masking the chickpea protein in the CP-Stabilifoam while the
butterscotch and chocolate flavor enhance the sweet brown
chocolatiness within the mousse.


  • Edlong heat tolerant butter flavor is providing all of the characterizing melted butter flavor for the cookie.
  • Cookie is a dairy-free cornmeal cookie.

Featured Edlong Flavors:

IFT 2023 - Madison’s Chocolate Mousse & Cookie


  • Natural Milk-Type Flavor – Liquid @ 0.15%
  • Natural Butterscotch-Type Flavor – Powder @ 0.1%
  • Natural Chocolate-Type Flavor – Powder @ 0.2%


  • Natural Butter-Type Flavor – Liquid @ 0.2%

Allergen Warning

  • Flavor is Allergen-free.
  • Cookie contains eggs and wheat
Madison’s Chocolate Mousse & Cookie Characteristics

IFT 2023, Madison's Foamy Brazilian Lemonade

Madison’s Foamy Brazilian Lemonade

This base is a twist on a Brazilian lemonade. We added Guanabana
(aka, soursop) to add tropical mellow fruitiness, antioxidants and
viscosity/mouthfeel. We took the sweetened condensed milk out of
the base and created a foam to sit on top, providing a creamy sweet


  • Our white chocolate flavor masks the fishy, grassy taste of the hemp milk-based foam while our butter vanilla gives a pleasant marshmallow-like aroma and flavor to mellow out the tartness of the lemonade.
  • Created a dairy and dairy-free version.

Featured Edlong Flavors:


  • Natural Butter Vanilla-Type Flavor – Liquid @ 0.099%
  • Natural White Chocolate-Type Flavor – Spray Dry @ 0.079%

Allergen Warning:

  • Dairy (in the dairy version)
Madison's Foamy Brazilian Lemonade Characteristics

Ola’s Watermelon Feta Refresher

This watermelon feta mocktail showcases Edlong flavors in unexpected applications. Watermelon and feta are enjoyed as a pairing in many areas of the world, and now it is presented as a refreshing dairy-free beverage.


  • Flavors used are Allergen-free, dairy-free, and natural.

Featured Edlong Flavors:

IFT 2023, Ola’s Watermelon Feta Refresher
  • Natural Feta-Type Flavor – Powder @ 0.17%
  • Natural Butter-Type Flavor – Spray Dry @ 0.10%

Allergen Warning

  • None
Ola’s Watermelon Feta Refresher Characteristics

IFT 2023, Anne’s Elevated Elote Corn Salad

Anne’s Elevated Elote Corn Salad

Everyone’s summertime favorite – Elotes, or Mexican Street Corn, served in a salad format & better-for-you, too! Fire- roasted sweet corn and tender lentils are combined with a dressing of low-fat mayonnaise, lime juice, onions, jalapeno, & garlic.


  • Edlong’s savory, earthy, aged cheese flavors provide the depth and authentic taste profile of the Cotija cheese that is traditionally added to this dish.
  • Our version is dairy-free, yet still authentically delicious.

Featured Edlong Flavors:

  • Natural Feta-Type Flavor – Powder @ 0.30%
  • Natural Parmesan-Type Flavor – Powder @ 0.20%
  • Natural Romano-Type Flavor – Powder @ 0.15%

Allergen Warning:

  • Eggs
  • Soy
Anne’s Elevated Elote Corn Salad Characteristics

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