IFT 2024

McCormick Place, Chicago, IL
July 15 – 17

Get a taste of what dairy can do for your F&B offerings!

A Closer Look at the Exclusive FUN-ctional Snacks, Beverages and Treats from Edlong at IFT: Discover the Power of Authentic Dairy & Dairy-Type Flavors

Experience authentic dairy taste in our dairy and dairy-free demos showcased at our booth #S1102 during the 2024 IFT FIRST Annual Event & Expo. Discover how over a century of experience working on the authenticity and complexity of dairy flavor profiles and compounds can help F&B developers to replace dairy commodities, provide unique characteristics while adding value, comply with customer demands, and more!

Make sure to contact our global team of R&D experts to see how we can work the same magic in your products.

Girl Power Fiber Cupcake

Introducing our new fiber rich cupcakes as a good and tasty choice for any occasion. Whether you’re celebrating something special like a birthday, or just looking for something sweet for breakfast. The authentic dairy impact of Edlong’s natural flavors build indulgence, richness, and balance.

The cupcakes are topped with perfect pink frosting where the sweet and buttery flavors really shine.


Featured Edlong Flavors:



  • Natural Vanilla Milkshake Flavor 
  • Natural Butter Type Flavor


  • Natural Vanilla Cream Type Flavor 
  • Natural White Chocolate Type Flavor 
  • Natural Butter Type Flavor

Allergen Warning: Eggs, Soy, Milk

This demo was created by Renata Rojek, Principal Scientist – NA Applications


Summer Sweet Cream Drink

This no added sugar beverage is reminiscent of a widely popular strawberry hibiscus refresher.

Creamy coconut milk creates an indulgent experience. While Edlong flavors help enhance the sweet and milky profile.


Featured Edlong Flavors:

  • Natural Milk Type Flavor  
  • Natural Sweet Cream Type Flavor

Allergen Warning: Contains Coconut

This demo was created by Ashely Sabo, Technical Sales Specialist & Food Scientist

Feta & Balsamic Beetroot Dip

A classic combination that brings together sour cream, creamy, salty feta flavor, with a tangy fruity balsamic. 

Beet powder gives vibrant color to the sour cream-based dip.


Featured Edlong Flavors:

  • Natural Feta Type Flavor
  • Natural Goat Cheese Type Flavor

Allergen Warning: Milk

This demo was created by Monica Gotomo Kapoor, Principal Scientist – Global Applications

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