Innovations for Mexican Tastes

Today’s consumers are adventurous, educated on food and health, curious and know what they want. At Edlong we’ve long kept a close eye on evolving trends, customer expectations and the ever-shifting and often stringent dietary needs of consumers. Awareness of worldwide trends is vital—but so is insight and tracking of regional, cultural and geographical preferences. Our R&D team in Mexico is on top of all that. They track global trends while developing innovations that address local needs. They have the expertise and skill to replicate authentic regional profiles and apply them in ways that meet cost goals and please consumers.

Here are a few ways the Edlong R&D team in Mexico is using dairy flavors to match authentic Mexican taste profiles, often with a unique twist.

Coconut mango lassi frozen yogurt pop

Mango lassi is a traditional Indian yogurt-based smoothie—a cool and refreshing creamy classic. The Edlong team brought this international concept to a frozen yogurt pop, adding an authentic regional profile with natural coconut flavor. French vanilla flavor was added as a creative way to elevate creaminess and indulgence in this culinary treat.

Fresh cheese flan two ways

A surprising interpretation of a traditional Mexican dessert, the unexpected twist in this flan-type treat is that it’s made from a fresh cheese base, providing a healthier nutrition profile. Masking flavor neutralizes the cultured notes, and the flavors add rich, sweet taste. Our team made two version of this dessert: one with an indulgent cheesecake flavor profile, and another highlighting an authentic cajeta profile. This demonstrates how flavors can impact versatility and provide different variations of the same product.

Horchata, reinvented

This unique beverage shows how an authentic Mexican taste profile can be created in a non-traditional way. With an inspired combination of our flavors and food science expertise, our team created a delicious horchata without any milk or cream, but with additional nutritional benefits such as vitamins, minerals and protein—perfect for athletes or anyone looking for a functional beverage that doesn’t compromise on taste.

For any of those innovative twists on Mexican cuisine or your own applications, Edlong can satisfy nearly every formulation need.

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