It’s Game-On for Healthier Snacking

With today’s consumer focus on health and wellness and healthier snacking, traditional nacho cheese dip faces some serious competition at game-day parties and backyard gatherings. Millions of armchair quarterbacks want an alternative to regular, high-fat nacho cheese dip. At the same time, they still have a passion for global pepper-inspired flavors. Edlong’s Applications Lab created a remarkable Cheddar & Pasilla Negro Chile Cauliflower Dip that features an on-trend flavor profile and main ingredient, and significantly lowers unwanted attributes. Rich, spicy and authentically cheesy, our dip reduces fat by 60%, reduces calories by 56%, reduces sodium by 51% and reduces carbs by 28% vs. a typical canned nacho cheese sauce. And for those with dietary preferences or restrictions, it’s also vegan and dairy-free.

Our healthier snacking option starts with a cauliflower base. A humble vegetable on the rise, cauliflower is now served in Michelin-starred and veg-forward restaurants. This pale cousin of broccoli is now revered as a healthy alternative to white rice and gluten-filled grains. Upon this foundation, we added earthy and sweet pasilla peppers, sweet potato, coconut milk and sunflower oil. Three Natural Edlong Cheddar-type flavors contribute authentic cheesy richness, and a Butter-type flavor balances the heat and rounds the finished application to achieve the familiar nacho cheese profile.


  • Natural Cheddar-Type Flavor #1412271 @ 0.12%
  • Natural Butter-Type Flavor #1412649 @ 0.08%
  • Natural Cheddar-Type Flavor #1411344 @ 0.06%
  • Natural Cheddar-Type Flavor #1412108 @ 0.03%

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