Mexico Trend Report: How Edlong Helps Meet Consumer Demands in Mexico

At Edlong, we have long held our finger on the pulse of global food trends, and in particular food trends in Latin America. In Mexico we have an Edlong team dedicated to satisfying local consumer tastes and preferences.

Consumer demands in Mexico balance convenience and authenticity

Many consumers in Mexico lead busy lifestyles, putting a premium on convenience. In a recent survey of more than 1,000 Mexican consumers, speed was cited as a major factor influencing purchase decisions. But consumers don’t want speed at the cost of authenticity. While 63% of those surveyed said they don’t have time to prepare authentic foods at home, 55% said they liked to purchase those types of familiar meals, pre-made.

Food product manufacturers who can deliver expected taste profiles but in convenient, time-saving formats have a big opportunity to attract Mexican consumers. Edlong flavors help address this challenge by providing the tastes consumers expect for a variety of shelf-stable applications including snacksbeverages, prepared meals, sauces, soups and sides.

The rise in vegan and vegetarian demand

The demand for more vegan and vegetarian choices can be found world-wide, and Mexico is no exception. While meat is the star in many Mexican meals, Mexican cuisine also regularly features a variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, and grains and beans. More and more consumers are choosing plant-based diets including meatless versions of classic favorites like Tacos al Pastor in restaurants and at taco stands.

The rise of vegan and vegetarian eating in Mexico is fueled by a general movement toward healthier eating. This is partially in response to the country’s high rates of obesity in children and adults. According to a report by Global Health Action, 34% of children in Mexico are considered overweight or obese.

This trend has reached schools. In April, public schools in Veracruz, which is Mexico’s second-largest state, enacted a program to serve meat-free meals on Mondays. Those meals will be served as a result of a collaboration agreement between animal rights organization Mercy for Animals (MFA), the Latin American food policy program Come Consciente (Conscious Eating), and government officials.

According to MFA, per an article posted on, “The administration of Veracruz reportedly hopes that the program will reduce the rates of childhood obesity and malnutrition in the state, especially since both of these conditions have been linked to learning problems. The program could also help prevent Veracruz’s next generation from developing diabetes, the leading cause of death in Mexico, according to the World Health Organization.”

Edlong helps meet this demand. Our more than 250 vegan flavors mask the sometimes bitter off-notes from plant proteins while improving mouthfeel, and deliver optimal flavor and dairy richness in a wide variety of vegan and vegetarian applications.

Don’t forget cost

Consumer demands in Mexico, like others from around the world, are very cost conscious. But just like we see in other global markets, consumers are not willing to compromise on taste. Food manufacturers must deliver cost-optimized and delicious foods that inspire consumers to buy their products, and buy them again. Edlong helps our customers reach price and profitability goals by reducing cost-in-use while delivering authentic taste experiences that consumers expect.

Our R&D team in Mexico are experts at the application of flavors while also reducing costs. For example, we recently created a successful Manchego analog cheese, made with just 20% natural Manchego, but using flavors to achieve 100% of the authentic and traditional taste of this popular cheese.

Many trends are universal to consumers everywhere, such as the desire to eat healthier, reduce the consumption of meat, gluten, dairy and sodium-rich foods, but also the desire for cultural and global authenticity. To see how we can help you embrace global and local trends, contact us.

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