More Savoriness with Less Sodium

As consumers become more informed about health, diet, and general well-being, it’s only natural that terms like “ultra-processed foods” and “clean labels” are becoming major topics of discussion.

If it hasn’t already, one acronym that is sure to appear on their radar is HFSS, which stands for products that are High in Fat, Salt, and Sugar.

Over the past decade or so, legislatures and policymakers worldwide have identified the overwhelming market saturation of such products as something in need of addressing.

While none of these countries are looking to remove these products from store shelves, many opt for labeling schemes designed to help citizens make more informed decisions about their nutrition.

Since 2016, when Chile first implemented its black-and-white Octagonal Warning Label (OWL) on the front of pack, Peru, Uruguay, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, and Venezuela have followed suit with similar policies. Debate about adopting such labels also continues in many Caribbean nations.


In 2017, France introduced the Nutriscore, or “traffic-light”, labeling system. As of writing this, seven additional European nations (Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, Spain, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and Portugal) have chosen to utilize this same system on their packaging. Though debate continues on the best system for the EU, with Italy opting to go with the NurtiInform Battery system, the general consensus is that some sort of system is needed to protect the health of the continent’s constituents.

With Canada’s own labeling system going into effect on January 1st, 2026, other countries like the US may start to consider the same.

Of course, food and beverage companies have been doing their part by investing in “better-for-you” innovations, but the growing popularity of such policies also provides a sense of urgency for developers looking to avoid having their products associated with such a label.

Working to reduce fat, sugar, and sodium in their lineup is becoming a top priority for many, however doing so can quickly create a number of taste challenges.


Edlong’s authentic and robust lineup of dairy and dairy-type flavors is up to the task of helping you overcome any of these hurdles, but today, I want to focus on salt reduction, specifically how cheese flavors can help you reduce sodium without leaving your consumers feeling salty.

“In general, salt reduction is a challenge. It’s a problem everybody in the industry is working on, but there’s no magic bullet alternative,” says Angela Lantman, Edlong’s Manager NA–Applications.

She continues, “While sugar reduction comes with it’s own issues, there is a growing list of non-nutritive and high-impact sweeteners in our toolbox. But there currently isn’t a direct replacement like that for sodium.”

This can be a daunting reality for developers of snacks, sauces, or other products that are loved specifically for their savory and salty characteristics.

Fortunately, utilizing Edlong’s cheese flavors can help to bridge the gap between a consumer’s nutritional expectations and their actual taste experience.

“We find that cheese with its rich butteriness and natural savory umami notes can give you the perception that something is saltier than it actually is. Because of these inherent components cheese flavors give you much more to work with than other profiles, and is why it’s a key mechanism that we use to help salt reductions reach their taste targets.” says Lantman.

She adds that this approach could help with any application but works exceptionally well with formulations that depend on some sort of seasoning blend. For example, a potato chip or other savory snacks can get the savory boost it needs from a robust sharp cheddar or smoked gouda.

Whatever your needs are, from sodium reduction to enhance your formula, our international team of experienced R&D experts can work with you and your base to find the perfect flavor solution for your salt reduction needs.


Click here to learn more about how we can help you keep more of the savoriness with less of the salt in your next project!

About the Author: Lauren Hopkins, Sr. Director of Business Development – Americas

I’m a Sr. Director of Business Development – Americas at Edlong with a passion for helping product designers and executives launch the next innovative food products. I have an unwavering belief in my team, their ability, and our products that is backed by a track record of customers who have saved time and resources by working with us. Your next great product is on the horizon, and I’ll help you bring it to as many shelves, tables, and hearts as possible.

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