CBAP Corporate Partner Profile #8: Edlong Dairy Technologies

100 years. A great accomplishment for any American company. But Edlong is also becoming the global leader in their industry. They are strategic in their design, and have built their brand by developing a highly focused intrapreneurial culture that is aligned and focused on continuous innovation for their customers.

Since Laurette Rondenet-Smith, President and CEO, went through the program in 2009, she has continued to build on this competitive advantage by sending people through the CBAP, the only 100% applied apprenticeship in entrepreneurship program.

Growth is guaranteed because her leadership formula is:

Develop people first to create an entrepreneurial skillset in everyone and what follows is a customer focused intrapreneurial innovation engine that runs throughout the company. This results in the most dynamic, value added proposition that their customers can find anywhere in this online and global marketplace.

CBAP Edlong Dairy Technologies Team: Anne-Marie Butler, David Starr, Sara Tinnin

Source: CBAP 2014




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