Edlong Achieves “A” Rating in IFS ESG Check Audit

Here at Edlong, we’re continuously growing and improving to better serve our employees, customers, and the world. We are thrilled to announce that Edlong Flavor Solutions is one of the first companies in the US to be officially audited against the IFS ESG Check audit, achieving an “A” rating!

The IFS ESG Check is a sustainability management system tool designed to develop a sustainable strategy and action program. This tool includes an additional module on the carbon footprint management system, which covers corporate carbon footprint, product carbon footprint, and mitigation and footprint reduction actions.

This verification audit helps establish a foundation for aligning our sustainability management, identifying risks, and planning further engagement. Our high score reflects our dedication to the quality of our products and our commitment to making a significant impact on sustainability.


We prioritize ensuring our products are safe for consumers and the planet. We extend our gratitude to our Food Safety & Quality and Operations teams for maintaining these high standards.

“I greatly urge small/ mid size companies to utilize this resource as they embark in their sustainability journey to contribute to sustainable food systems. Together we can change the world!”, says Binu Nair, Food Safety and Quality Director at Edlong.

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About Edlong Flavor Solutions
Edlong has the world’s largest portfolio of authentic dairy and dairy-free flavors that improve classic taste profiles for Cheese, Butter, Sweet Dairy, Cream, and Milk. Working closely with our customers, Edlong can apply the right building blocks to create tastes that uniquely differentiate a brand. At Edlong, we believe the taste of dairy can be innovative, inspiring, a sales booster, and even a game changer. That is why Edlong believes in Everything Dairy Can Be. 

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