Edlong Announces U.S. Partnership with The Dempsey Corporation

Edlong, a global flavor company focused exclusively on dairy and dairy-free flavors, has partnered with The Dempsey U.S. Corporation for the distribution of flavors in the United States. The Dempsey team has an extensive network of customers across multiple segments in the United States and has been successful introducing valuable culinary and functional ingredients to the food and beverage industry.

“With a passion for inspiring research and development departments with innovative flavors and functional ingredients, Dempsey is a perfect distribution partner for Edlong,” said Edlong’s Chief Commercial Officer Beth Warren. “We’re excited for this new collaboration and are confident it will help us extend our reach and better serve our U.S. market.”

Dempsey supports Edlong with a sales team of food scientists and food industry dedicated sales professionals and their product line includes many specialty ingredients.

About Edlong

Experience the science and art of authentic taste. Edlong has the broadest global portfolio of dairy flavors and is the only certified woman-owned flavor house in the food manufacturing industry (WBNEC). Founded in 1914, we are committed to world-class service in custom flavor development, applications and culinary support, regulatory compliance and supply chain performance. Our broad portfolio of dairy and dairy-free flavors enhances profiles for Cheese, Butter, Sweet Dairy, Cream and Milk. We also deliver unique functional value in the flavor and mouthfeel of sugar-reduced products, and mask nutritional ingredients in foods and beverages. edlong.com

About Dempsey

A family run business since 1954, Dempsey’s guiding principle has always been to exceed the client’s expectations. The founder, Frank E. Dempsey, believed in building a full-service specialty products distribution business with a sales team who is passionate and efficient. Today in its 3rd generation, Dempsey continues to distinguish itself by the people it hires and the partnerships it makes across the company’s three distinct divisions: the ingredients division, the industrial division and the beauty and gifts division. Throughout each of its main activities, sales, marketing, customer service, technical support and distribution, Dempsey meets the unique needs of both clients and suppliers by focusing on thorough product knowledge and excellent service. Celebrating its 64th year, Dempsey continues to focus its efforts of developing a comprehensive product line across all its divisions on an international scale with its headquarters in Toronto and branches across Canada, the U.S. and France.


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