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Plant-based Pro Series

Register today for our continuing Plant-based Pro Series™ powered by Edlong. This virtual event, which includes access to webinars, reports, exclusive resources, and more is a must-attend for food developers responsible for innovating in the plant-based space.

New Trend Report

Winning Over Flexitarian Customers

More and more of the world’s most innovative Food Developers are asking themselves the same question: What – and more precisely, who – is the future of plant-based? The answer is increasingly becoming one of the industry’s fastest growing consumer segments: Flexitarians.

Grab your share of this rapidly expanding piece of the plant-based pie with insights from Edlong Vice President of Research & Development Dr. Bernd Koehler, revealing the hottest trends, insights, and preferences to help you: 

  • Understand the mindset & motivations of the Flexitarian consumer – especially when it comes to flavor
  • Track what’s now + what’s next in plant-based category growth
  • Know the benefits of finishing 2nd and why being a fast-follow can be a big win  
  • Recognize the nuances of regional Flexitarian preferences
  • Master the art of innovation through renovation
  • Collaborate with the right partner throughout your development process to deliver successful products that stand the test of time

Roundtable Webinar #2:

Understanding the Flexitarian Consumer: Do’s & Don’ts

For food developers, it’s no secret that Flexitarians are among the world’s fastest growing consumer segments. Now is the time put yourself into their minds (and shopping carts), armed with the market insights and purchase drivers that motivate them.

This webinar in the Plant-based Pro SeriesTM will do exactly that, with formulation and client-facing experts revealing insider tips and success stories including:

  • Who Flexitarians are and what they truly want
  • Where regional Flexitarian preferences differ internationally
  • How to differentiate with speed + flavor  
  • Why finishing 2nd can be a big win  
  • When to Renovate vs. Innovate…and when to do both  
  • How choosing and collaborating with the right partner throughout your development process can help deliver to market successful products that stand the test of time

View Webinar #2

Miss Webinar #2 in person? Watch the recording now to gain all of the insights and plant-based tips.

Roundtable Webinar #1:

3 Things to Drive Plant-Based Success

3 Things You Can Do Right Now to Accelerate Plant-based Success

Turn your biggest plant-based challenges into even bigger wins with proven approaches from formulation and product side experts, who will be revealing:

Common missteps in plant-based development and how to avoid them

Key strategies to accelerate your team’s plant-based innovation

Specific plant-based trends and actionable tech-based insights

View the Webinar Now

Miss the webinar in person? Watch the recording now to gain all of the insights and plant-based tips.

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Edlong 2023 Trend Report

Plant-based Pro Series Trend Report on How Developers Can Succeed in 2023

Now Available! Click the button below to download your copy.

Just in time for 2023, we’ve released an exclusive plant-based trend report, in partnership with Innova Market Insights, to our Plant-based Pro Series participants! Get a sneak peek at the plant-based trends that will mold the future of the plant-based space in 2023 and beyond.

Webinar: Hacking Flavor: Overcoming the Taste Challenges Faced in Plant-based Product Development

Don’t miss the recording of our second Plant-Based Pro Series™ webinar all about how to leverage flavor hacking to make your next development project a success. Our experts discussed:

  • Overcoming common taste challenges related to alternative proteins
  • How the nuanced complexities of flavor give you more
  • Understanding “flavor hacking” from flavor layering and mouthfeel to creating balance and masking
  • How to use flavors to honor the ingredients in your product

Webinar: How Collaboration Will Facilitate the Future of Plant-based Innovation

Success in the plant-based space increasingly depends on collaboration. From the rise of unique ingredients and new protein sources to the pressure on developers to innovate faster while bringing better products to market as competition intensifies, see how collaboration has shifted from “nice to have” to “need to have” in plant-based.

Don’t miss the recording of our first Plant-based Pro Series™ webinar, focused on How Collaboration Will Facilitate the Future of Plant-based Innovation and hear from our panel of esteemed plant-based experts on:

  • Why the Plant-based Space is Ripe for Collaboration
  • The Tangible Benefits of Collaboration for Developers
  • The Key Ingredients for Effective Collaboration
  • How to Find the Right Collaborators

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