Q&A With Edlong’s Senior Flavor Scientist Herb Norton

He may appear mild-mannered, but give your toughest formulation challenge to our Senior Flavor Scientist Herb Norton, and the “S” under his lab coat is revealed. Get to know a bit more about Herb as we raise a glass to his 25th year of flavor innovation at Edlong in this Q&A Interview between Herb and Bob Corbett, the Head of our Edlong Culture Team!

Bob: Thanks for doing this Herb! What year did you join Edlong?

Herb: I joined Edlong in 1999, hired by Eugene Rondenet, our current CEO Laurette’s father.

Bob: Wow, that is so awesome that you’ve been with us for so long and that you were hired by Mr. Rondenet! Tell us a little of what you do in the lab.

Herb: I have a passion to make things more efficient and work in the lab to develop combined and /or concentrated flavors or make formula changes as required by our customers. It is a lot of fun and I enjoy the camaraderie we have in the lab. We are a great team.

Bob: What would you say is your favorite part about your job?

Herb: I enjoy and value the people at Edlong. It is like Clifton, a small town that I grew up in south of Kankakee, IL. In Clifton you knew your neighbors and if you did not know somebody in the town you knew somebody who knew them.

Bob: That is so true about Edlong. Enough about work, tell us a little about your family.

Herb: I have been married to my wife Barbara for 25 years this year and have two grown sons, Jim and Steve, and four grandchildren.

Bob: Congrats on your upcoming 25-year anniversary! So, what do you like to do in your free time?

Herb: As many know I have a passion to take down trees with my chainsaws. It started when a microburst came through our neighborhood took down large branches and I got to use a chainsaw all day long. It was exhilarating! Barbara and I also like to landscape, and we often call our yard the “Norton Arboretum” which is just north of the Morton Arboretum in Lisle!

Bob: Sounds beautiful Herb! We need an excuse to go to the Norton Arboretum one of these days! Anything else you like to do for fun?

Herb: We love to go hiking at Governor Dodge State Park in Dodgeville, Wisconsin and enjoying the small-town environment there.

Bob: Well, thanks for your time Herb. it was great getting to learn more the man behind the flavors of Edlong.

Interested in working with Herb and our global R&D team on your next project? Contact us today!

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