Reduced Added Sugar, but Not Reduced Indulgence

As the only flavor company dedicated exclusively to dairy flavors, our expertise in capturing the inherent sweetness of dairy, even in dairy-free and vegan products, is unique and unmatched. We help create indulgent and delicious applications with reduced added sugar in foods and beverages throughout the world.

Three applications are particularly in demand from customers who are sensitive to sugar moderation:

  • Coffee, and especially ready-to-drink [RTD] formulations
  • Yogurt, and in particular flavored yogurt
  • Desserts

Our flavor scientists are continuously experimenting with new tastes and combinations of flavors to create indulgent and delicious foods and beverages. Here are some recent examples of how Edlong dairy flavors can be instrumental in creating great-tasting products with reduced added sugar.

Vegan Cardamom Cold Brew Latte
This reduced added sugar beverage is smooth, lush and completely vegan. We know that many ready-to-drink (RTD) coffees have significant sugar in the formulation. Not ours. Edlong flavors mask bitter plant-based notes in the coffee and almond milk base while creating this sweet, creamy and spiced-to-perfection beverage. You can download more information about this application here.

Reduced Added Sugar Speculoos-Style Greek Yogurt
We started with a fat-free Greek yogurt base, and then reduced 40% of the added sugar and replaced it with an Edlong® Sweet Spot flavor. This not only added back the perception of sweetness, but also the mouthfeel that is often missing in fat-free products. Speculoos is usually associated with European spiced shortbread cookies. But we love the delicate mix of vanilla, browned butter, brown sugar, cinnamon and caramelized sugar in almost anything.

Vegan Truffle Protein Bites
A surprising and delicious source of protein, these vegan protein treats are made with dates, almond flour, pea protein and cocoa butter. They provide an indulgent roasted caramel taste and Edlong flavors help to enhance the chocolate notes while also masking plant-based bitterness. But the one thing it is missing? That’s right: they are made with absolutely no sugar.

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