Dairy-Free Dairy Flavor Sensory Insights that Deliver on Authentic Regional Flavor Profiles

When it comes to global dairy flavor profiles, there are a variety of regional differences to be considered; the feed that the animals eat, the production process, even the location and duration of the ripening process all influence a consumer’s sensory experience. It’s why what is considered an authentic Cheddar profile to someone in Mexico, for example, may not resonate with a British consumer. 

To understand and capture these regional differences, especially in dairy-free vegan or plant-based products, the Edlong R&D team continually evaluates products already in the marketplace and ingredients from around the globe using Sensory research methods like Descriptive Analysis to quantify the intensity of different attributes perceived in these global products, and Temporal methods to understand flavor impact over the entire eating experience. We then evaluate the flavors that our chemists create to ensure that the flavors are hitting on the correct notes, at the correct intensity, and with the correct balance compared to the targets. Doing this allows us to recreate authentic regional taste profiles using the dairy flavor sensory insights gathered from the research.

Download this one-sheeter to gain more insights on how we do this from our expert Sensory Manager Julie Drainville, or Contact Us today to speak with an R&D expert on our team to see how we can help you recreate authentic taste in your dairy-free applications.


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