The next generation of masking technology is here. 
Innovate and get to market faster with a superior product. Mask protein off-notes while laying the foundation for authentic, balanced, and innovative profiles without unwanted residual notes.

Innovate From a Blank Canvas:


Developed through years of applied research by Edlong’s team of flavor scientists, and supported by research conducted with leading global institutions and validated by our in-house sensory team using paired comparison testing, Edlong’s new trademarked SUPERMASKER™ technology allows developers to leverage our unrivaled experience and accumulated expertise in the taste of dairy.  

This technology, combined with the power of our global team of in-house Applications, Sensory, and Culinary R&D experts behind your product development, will help you rapidly ideate, iterate, and innovate faster and better.​

Unlike other masking solutions, which may impart unwanted taste profiles from the flavor and only target masking for one protein source at a time, this technology allows for the masking of multiple proteins at once with just one flavor that doesn’t leave behind any characterizing notes.

​As part of our Masking Solutions Suite, this new SUPERMASKER™ can help you not only take your products to the next level but gain a competitive advantage over other products on the market.​


To learn more about this new technology and see if it’s a fit for your project, please contact our team of experts.

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