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Consumers are becoming more progressive in pursuit of their health and wellness, and this is even more apparent at the start of a new year, when resolutions focus on healthy lifestyle habits. According to The Hartman Group’s Health + Wellness 2017 report, 52% of consumers have changed their views and have become more engaged in their health and wellness in the past few years. The top triggers for managing health include aging, increasing energy and managing stress.

Food manufacturers are responding by developing a greater number of food and beverage products that feature a healthy reduction of ingredients that consumers feel are contrary to their health and wellness goals, such as sugar, fat and sodium. The food scientists at Edlong have risen to this challenge as well, applying their expertise in the inherent qualities of dairy to create the delicious and authentic tastes that consumers love, in products that they can feel good about buying. Here are some recent examples of healthy ideas where we applied our expertise to turn traditional products into something that is both healthy and authentically delicious:

  • An Edlong® Sweet Spot flavor was used in a dairy-free milky coffee beverage to help define the rich and delicious sweetness that is inherently characteristic of milk—without adding any lactose or allergens. The flavor also enhances the perception of sweetness and adds an indulgent mouthfeel to a reduced added sugar beverage.
  • A Natural Cheddar flavor and a Natural Butter flavor were used to create a Wisconsin Cheddar-Style creamy dip with a cottage cheese base in place of higher-fat cream cheese. The dip contains 4g protein and 2g fat per 34g serving as compared with vegetable oil-based dips containing 3g fat and less than 1g protein per 34g serving. The Natural Cheddar flavor contributed a creamy and authentic Cheddar profile as well as some sharp cheese notes to balance the creaminess of the cottage cheese. The Natural Butter flavor contributed a fatty, dairy quality that ensured that the higher fat cream cheese would not be missed.

Edlong has many more tasty product ideas that can help you satisfy health and wellness-focused consumers. To see how we can create healthy profits for your business. Contact us

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