Two Ways to Make Plant-Based Food Products Delicious

There’s no room for trial and error when it comes to new product launches. “The American consumer has a choice of over 42,000 SKUs in the typical supermarket. If a product does not taste great, they will never purchase the product again,” reports Nutraceuticals World. Fortunately, Edlong flavors impart the authentic taste of dairy in better-for-you and plant-based food products. Here are two delicious examples: our Vegan Chickpea Blondie and Cold Brew Latte.

Plant-based food products can taste better
Example #1: Vegan Chickpea Blondie

If we could only choose two words to describe our Vegan Chickpea Blondie we’d pick “indulgent” and “surprising.” Indulgent? Sure! This spin on a traditional dessert favorite combines brown sugar and vanilla cream flavors to create a rich, sweet and moist dessert everyone will love. Surprising? You bet. It’s hard to believe this blondie is vegan, or that is has 33% less carbs and 20% less sugar than leading retail brownie mixes. Plus, it has more than twice the amount of fiber and protein (6 grams of each, per 100 gram serving).

Edlong flavors used:
Natural Brown Sugar Flavor #601 WONF @.20%
Natural Vanilla Cream-Type Flavor #1411681 @0.10%

Plant-based food products can taste better
Example 2: Cold Brew Latte

You might think that cold brew coffee is a purely modern invention, but they’ve been around for hundreds of years: the very first cold brew coffee can be traced back to the 1600s. However, it’s never been more popular than now. In fact, cold brew sales grew by almost 600% in the U.S. from 2011 to 2016, according to a Mintel report. Our latest twist on this trend, a delicious cold brew latte, was specifically created to meet today’s growing demand for plant-based food products. This non-dairy and vegan beverage is made with almond milk, and gets a big helping hand from Edlong® Sweet Spot flavors. Our Edlong® Sweet Spot flavors boost sweetness in low sugar products and improve mouthfeel while adding a touch of richness and indulgence.

Edlong flavors used:
Natural Sweet Cream-Type Flavor #1412560 @0.15%
Natural Sweet Spot Flavor #1412874 Liquid @0.15%

Making Healthy Products Delicious

Our Vegan Chickpea Blondie and Cold Brew Latte are just two examples of the almost infinite uses of Edlong flavors. Our dairy flavors enhance the taste of nearly any food and beverage–even in plant-based food products, so food processors can jump on the latest trends quickly and with confidence. After all, you might not get a second chance at winning customers.

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