We’re All in This Together – Creating Organizational Success through Individual Growth

For most of us, the pace, pressure, and demands of life don’t appear to be easing any time soon. If anything, they continue to increase at a dizzying rate.

Eager to succeed in this changing environment, people are clamoring for simple solutions.

However, even more than that, they want real results.

As such, consumers are realizing that one-size-fits-all solutions just won’t cut it.

Caring for oneself requires a holistic approach tailored to one’s needs.

This makes it easy to see why functional foods and beverages are growing in popularity.

Products like these are finding ways to deliver the tangible benefits and real results consumers need.


For some, it might be reducing stress or improving clarity, while others could be searching for sustained energy or boosting immunity.

In other words, functional foods and beverages can help empower individuals to feel and perform at their best.

At Edlong, we are at our best as an organization when we are doing the same for our employees.

Connecting the two might seem like a stretch to some, but in our mind, it’s anything but.

We sat down with Edlong’s Senior Human Resources Manager, Kami Hunt, to find out more about how the well-being of our company starts at the individual level.

How does Edlong balance the individual and being “All in this Together”?

Hunt: In the past, we’ve talked a lot about our values as an organization, and I think that is where being “all in this together” has to start. On paper, this might not seem any different from other companies, but in practice, it’s a crucial part of who we are.

we are all in this together

There are a lot of organizations where you hear about their values during the onboarding process or the recruiting process, and they never mention them again.

Here, it’s different.

For us, they need to be acted out within the company’s walls, and we are always looking for ways to ensure that each of us represents our values in our actions, not just in philosophy.

That’s why we are always finding new and unique ways to prepare people to step out of their comfort zones, keep teamwork at the forefront of their minds, and learn to be better, more effective communicators.

Growing together and moving the needle towards a better culture is done collectively, but it starts with personal accountability.

Can you tell us more about what personal accountability looks like at Edlong and why it’s important?

Hunt: Well, we start by making sure no one feels like they are going at it alone and that they have the support they need.

We rely heavily on 90 IO, a traction system. In a nutshell, this gives us a way to simultaneously balance the performance of individuals, teams, and the company as a whole.

It allows us to set goals for individuals aligned with their development and the aims of their team and the company.

By clearly establishing ways for each employee, their team, and leadership to hold each other accountable, we can foster communication across different levels and have candid conversations about what support people need. 

working together

It’s also a way for us to come together, ensuring that each person is playing their part, but that we’re not stepping on each other’s toes or preventing others from getting where they want to be as well too much from others to get to where we want to be as well.

Ultimately, this doesn’t just get us on the same page; it promotes visibility of what other people are looking to achieve and how we can buy in and help one another.

How do you feel this sets Edlong apart from others?

Hunt: Honestly, I know of companies where there is really no guidance as far as what you’re doing day to day. You just kind of have to figure out and hope that you are in line with what the company wants you to do or that you’re contributing to the overall goals that the company is looking to achieve.

Or even worse, there are organizations where you’ve worked on a project, and you get to the endpoint, and people are like, well, I don’t even know why you did this. That’s a devastating outcome: putting your heart into something and having it go absolutely nowhere.

That ends up being a major morale killer.

At Edlong, many of our dedicated planning processes and the structure we have in place help us avoid that.

It’s actually really refreshing to have the visibility to know that what you’re doing is making a difference and that it’s meaningful. You won’t find yourself just crossing your fingers, hoping that all the hard work you’re putting in means something to someone else besides you.

edlong NA team

This sounds great for organizational growth, but what are some ways that it can help employees beyond the numbers?

Hunt: Having meaning in what you do is vital to a lot of folks. It transcends generations.

You don’t have to change the world, but when you feel that the effort you’re putting forth is meaningful and that you are making progress with where you are at any particular point in your life, it’s incredibly fulfilling.

Knowing that an organization cares about what you’re doing, that they’re all in before you start, is a great feeling that makes you want to put your all into it.

At the end of the day, it’s satisfying to see a project completed and to know that you’ve made a difference.

team at tradeshow

Do you see this higher level of fulfillment having any other effects?

Hunt: Understanding how much your individual efforts matter and are valued can definitely create a domino effect.

For starters, it turns personal accountability from something that can weigh down and stress you out into something that can lift a weight off your shoulders.

Knowing what you do matters gives you the energy to push forward and the peace of mind tosleep better at night.

Though these last benefits might be less tangible than those in functional products, our employees still feel their impact.

After all, Edlong has been named one of Chicago’s Best and Brightest Companies to Work For by the  National Association for Business Resources (NABR) for ten consecutive years and has also been recognized as one of the Best Places to Work in Illinois by the Daily Herald Suburban Business publication five years in a row.

About the Author: Kami Hunt – Human Resources Manager

I am passionate about supporting employees throughout life stages, difficult times and times of great success and celebration. As an HR professional, I am committed to fostering a workplace that employees love to work at by constantly re-evaluating how my approach can better benefit both employees and the company. Leveraging my knowledge as a certified PHR and SHRM-CP, I live by the mission to treat each day as an opportunity to learn and better care for those around me that may need a helping hand or listening ear. Experienced in various industries, I am comfortable wearing multiple hats, managing multiple projects, and prioritizing initiatives.

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