Developing Comfort Food Recipes with a Twist

Healthier classic comfort foods may seem like a contradiction, but Edlong makes permissible indulgence possible. Chefs have long cherished Edlong’s dairy flavors for their versatility and functionality. Edlong flavors allow food manufacturers the ability to develop indulgent, delicious and unique comfort food recipes while reducing commodity costs and with healthier profiles. For example, Edlong boosts decadence in foods with less sugar and calories and in dairy-free and vegan applications. Here are some of our favorite updated and reinvented comfort food recipe ideas:

Savory Kale & Artichoke Dip

A modern, vegan interpretation of a classic starter, this dip is just one of several Edlong reinventions of nostalgic party foods. Our Savory Kale & Artichoke Dip is creamy, authentic and completely vegan. It features an artful combination of Natural Gruyere and Emmental Cheese flavors from our European Cheese Flavor Collection. Our dip’s unique cashew base is fortified with kale for even more nutritional value.

Vegan Praline Blondie

This protein-packed vegan snack is made from chickpeas and sweet potatoes. Our praline and brown sugar flavors blend to create a perfect profile to truly capture the taste of this Southern favorite. Soft and creamy, this dessert will satisfy even the most discerning sweet tooth. And it’s 100% vegan.

Gouda Pancake Bites

These innovative bite-sized snacks combine the nostalgia of breakfast foods and the comfort of melty cheese. The light pancake style coating has a sweetly balanced taste of maple and vanilla, and the indulgent cheese filling bursts with the natural flavor of Gouda from our European Cheese Flavor Collection.

Pimiento Cheese Snack

This is a completely reimagined version of a Southern favorite, using flavors that will be familiar to anyone who grew up with Southern roots. This classic snack is often made with mayo, pimientos and sharp Cheddar cheese. We added some smoked paprika flavor and a Cheddar profile to a crunchy and savory mix of Peruvian Inka corn, soda crackers and pecans to a create a comfort food recipe that any Southerner will love.

Want to make any of these yourself? Contact us for the complete version of any comfort food recipe listed here.

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