Filling The Plant-Based Food Plate e-Book

Solving Plant-Based Food Challenges

No matter what reason draws people to increase their consumption of plants and decrease — if not eliminate — eating meats and other animal-based products, food manufacturers are taking the lead in creating more plant-based food and beverage options to meet growing consumer demand. For food manufacturers and their food scientists, the key to success in this competitive market hinges on solving plant-based food challenges so they can deliver on taste. This playbook lays out those challenges and how to overcome them to create delicious plant-based products with innovative dairy flavor solutions.

What’s Inside?

• Consumer demand trends for plant-based foods
• Top challenges for plant-based food manufacturers
• Solving the challenges of creating delicious plant-based cheeses
• Key considerations for adding flavors
• How to increase flavor success

Learn more about how to overcome plant-based food challenges to meet consumer demand for less meat by downloading the Filling The Plant-Based Food Plate e-Book for more information on how to develop crave-worthy plant-based products.


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