How Edlong Flavors Help Cultivate Mouthfeel: Skim Milk Case Study

See How Even Healthy Dairy Can Be Smooth and Creamy with Edlong Solutions

Removing fat from beverages creates a consumer perception that it is less
creamy, and less indulgent. So how can you boost the creaminess of your
beverage to provide a full, positive sensory experience – without adding
fat, gums, or texturizers?

Take a peek inside our latest Case Study to see proof that Edlong flavors can cultivate mouthfeel in products to deliver a creamier, richer and more indulgent beverage experience to the consumer, without additional costs from added ingredients such as texturizers, gums, or fats.

Note: This case study is supported by data from unbiased Consumer Testing and Trained Sensory Panelists at NC State.


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