The Masking Playbook: How Flavors Can Help Create Better-Tasting, Healthy Products

Ready to see how masking can help create better-tasting, healthy products? You’re in the right place! Check out our Masking Playbook.

Consumers are hungry for healthier products. As a result, plant-based, nutritionally fortified, and no/low/reduced sugar, sodium, or fat products have become mainstream. However, substituting or adding ingredients to foods and beverages can be challenging.

So, how can food and beverage brands vying for consumer loyalty in these health-forward spaces compete? By reducing off-notes, balancing flavor profiles, and making sure the texture delivers a satisfying, authentic mouthfeel. Manufacturers can overcome these challenges by “masking” and adding other flavors to neutralize, balance, or improve a product. However, this is a delicate art that requires both a depth of experience and specialized expertise.

See how it’s done in our Masking Playbook:

The Edlong Masking Playbook For Better tasting healthy foods

What’s Inside? Trend insights, plus…

• The Latest Trends in The Plant-Based and Better-For-You Food Space
• How To Overcome Common Taste & Texture Challenges In Healthy Products
• Tackling The Latest Proteins In The Plant-Based Space
• How To Balance Flavor Profiles Using Masking Solutions
• and more!

Learn more about how masking solutions are leading to innovation in the food and beverage industry by downloading this e-book today!


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