Plant-Based Food Innovation Trends

What’s Fueling Today’s Plant-Based Buzz?

As plant-based cuisine consumption accelerates from food trend to food revolution status, global consumer interest is also intensifying. According to global consumer research conducted by Innova Market Insights, right now, 3 out of every 5 shoppers are looking to incorporate more plant-powered dishes into their diet. This means having a comfortable understanding of the different ingredient profiles is more important than ever. While there is ample evidence that the pandemic has intensified the focus on the potential health benefits and that it is subsequently driving innovation trends, there is also reason to believe that the sector’s growth trajectory will continue upward from it for many years to come.

• Consumer demand trends
• Top challenges for food manufacturers
• Solving the challenges of creating delicious plant-based cheeses

Learn more about the latest food trends as well as solving food challenges to meet consumer demand by downloading the Plant-Based Food Innovation Trends: What’s Fueling Today’s Plant-Based Buzz trend sheet.


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