The ROI of Flavor: A Table Talk Chat with Edlong Leaders

From reducing the commodities in a product to ensuring a consistent taste, flavor can be the solution to a variety of problems that companies are facing in this current economic climate. In this new Table Talk chat, join Edlong leaders Laurette Rondenet, Brenda Dehart, Denise Senter, and Lauren Hopkins as they discuss insights into how flavors can help aid innovation, add variety to product lines, and provide great value to developers and consumers.  

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Meet our Edlong Leaders

Laurette Rondenet, Edlong CEO & Owner

Laurette Rondenet

Edlong CEO & Owner

LinkedIn | Website

Brenda Dehart, Chief Financial Officer at Edlong Flavor Solutions

Brenda Dehart

Edlong Chief Financial Officer


Denise Senter, Chief Commercial Officer at Edlong

Denise Senter

Edlong Chief Commercial Officer


Lauren Hopkins, Edlong's Business Development Director, US & Canada

Lauren Hopkins

Edlong Business Development Director


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