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Edlong’s Tiramisù Cold Brew Functional Beverage Demo featuring Edlong Flavours

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Our Tiramisù Flavoured Cold Brew Beverage with Nootropic & Adaptogenic Properties Beverage is a featured demo, crafted specifically for our Functional Beverage Pro Series™. This exclusive, limited-time demo highlights our new Sweet Success™ line’s Dark Chocolate, Milk-type, and Butter Vanilla-type flavours.

Request a consultation to get a taste of how you can craft delicious functional beverages like this one, inspired by the traditional Italian tiramisù dessert, comprised of indulgent layers of biscuit, egg yolks, sugar, coffee, mascarpone, and cocoa powder.


This mouthwatering beverage features the perfect balance of benefits from functional ingredients, including:

  • caffeine
  • L-Theanine
  • Ashwagandha

Key Flavour Features:

heat tolerant flavor

Introducing Edlong’s Sweet Success™ Line of Flavours for Functional Beverages

Edlong’s new Sweet Success™ line features flavours handpicked by our global team of Applications experts and flavorists. The line offers developers the ability to leverage the inherent masking abilities of our sweet dairy flavors, which have been expertly crafted and honed through over a century of dairy taste specialization.

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What is The Edlong
Functional Beverage Pro Series™?


Be the expert on Functional Beverage development by leveraging the expertise shared in our Functional Beverage Pro Series™ webinar, playbook, and blog post series all dedicated to educating product developers and brands about the opportunities in the space and how to take advantage of them. From consumer trends insights to tips on overcoming common challenges, you’ll find it all!

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