The Science of Dairy-Free

Edlong has more than 250 authentic, dairy-free flavors across all of our flavor categories. You can download more information here.

The growth in innovation and new product launches in dairy-free milks has been well documented in recent years. According to Mintel, the growth in non-dairy milk is expected to continue through 2022 and show strong growth over the next five years to become a $3 billion category.*

The growth in dairy alternative bases like oat, quinoa an cashew is also tracked by The Hartman Group recently, which recently took a step toward identifying the consumers of these dairy-free milks. According to a January 2018 Hartman report, 29% of consumers have purchased alternative milk in the past three months, with Millennials being most likely at 38%. Consumers cite many reasons for their purchase of dairy-free milks, and while a very small number report an actual dairy allergy or lactose intolerance, 28% of consumers indicate that they are actively avoiding lactose in their diets.** Also, these consumers feel that drinking a variety of dairy-free milk bases will not only offer a wider range of nutrients, they believe they will help combat food intolerances.

Again, according to Mintel, one of the barriers to purchase, especially of unsweetened dairy-free milks is the taste, with just 14% of respondents in a July 2017 survey indicating that they purchase unsweetened dairy-free milks.* At Edlong we’ve used our dairy expertise to create more than 250 authentic, dairy-free flavors across all of our flavor categories to help build back the richness and mouthfeel that are often lost in dairy-free formulations. Edlong’s dairy-free flavors can help you achieve authentic dairy taste in dairy-free applications, avoid dairy allergens and accommodate dairy-free preferences. In addition, dairy-free flavors can help you maintain dairy-free facilities, reduce potential allergen contamination and simplify global shipping by eliminating dairy import duties.

A recent example of a dairy-free application that Edlong created using dairy-free flavors was a delicious Salted Caramel Almond Milk beverage. This indulgent creation was a layered flavor experience featuring the profiles of cream, caramel, butter and vanilla. A dairy-free Natural Caramel flavor was used to deliver creamy richness as well as authentic taste.

Speaking of caramel, another unexpected dairy-free application that the food scientists and research chefs at Edlong have created is a vegan and dairy-free caramel! This authentic, indulgent and ultra-creamy confection was created using a base of soy cream. A Natural dairy-free Sweet Cream flavor is combined with two Natural dairy-free Butter flavors to deliver authentic taste and indulgent mouthfeel in a distinct, chewy caramel candy.

Edlong can help you add full dairy taste to global-inspired recipes too, as we did with our Vegan Cardamom Cold Brew Latte. This smooth, lush coffee is swirled with vanilla and spice against an almond base. An Edlong® Sweet Spot flavor enhances sweetness and masks bitter notes, while a natural Edlong Half & Half flavor improves mouthfeel and imparts creaminess.

Working on dairy-free applications beyond milk? No problem! Edlong has worked to develop a vegan Cheddar-style spread that is dairy-free. This cheesy spread has an authentic, creamy and buttery taste up front with a sharp cheddar finish. A Natural dairy-free Butter flavor and two Natural dairy-free Cheddar flavors are artfully layered to create a spread that replaces cheese without sacrificing taste.

With more than a century of expertise in dairy flavors, and our scientific knowledge of all its complexity, Edlong is uniquely able to help you give today’s dairy-free consumers the alternative products they prefer, with the full dairy taste they expect. To speed the commercialization of your next dairy-free project, contact us.

*Mintel; US Non-Dairy Milk Report; September 2017
**The Hartman Group: Vegan and Dairy-Free Report; January 2018

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