The Science of Art – Application Spotlight

Satisfying consumer demand for permissible indulgence isn’t easy. But with over 100 years of experience, Edlong offers a complete portfolio of flavors that provides the taste consumers expect, while also adding mouthfeel and richness of character. You’ll find many of our unique functional and taste benefits in our savory kale and artichoke dip, our refreshing cold brew latte and our indulgent vegan praline brownie.

Another creamy and delicious example of how we provide plant-based benefits is with a fully-satisfying Edlong vegan yogurt:

We started with a cashew base and then used natural, dairy-free flavors to mask any off-notes. We then layered flavors to take the yogurt in different and unique directions. We used a dairy-free Natural Buttermilk flavor to create a more cultured yogurt profile. Dairy-free Natural Yogurt and Butter flavors were used to make the yogurt richer and more indulgent. And a dairy-free Natural Edlong® Sweet Spot flavor enhanced the perception of sweetness in the cashew base to create a sweeter yogurt application.

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