Food Transparency Is Trending In 2021

With unprecedented information at their fingertips and global issues like health and sustainability at the forefront of consumer minds, it’s no surprise that Innova listed Transparency as the number one trend to keep an eye on in 2021 for the Food & Beverage industry. If you read our Top 7 Food Industry Trends For 2021 post, you also know that “to meet consumer demand, it will be more important than ever for brands to up their transparency game.” So what does this demand for transparency mean for food manufacturers?

Food Transparency: Clean Label Evolution

Clean label is evolving from consumers seeking simply health-driven information (think Organic or Non-GMO) to also include environmental and ethical information (think sustainability and humane supply chains). In fact, 3 in 5 consumers say they are “interested in learning more about where their food comes from,” putting a focus on ingredient sourcing.

Additionally, Innova reports that 1 in 3 global consumers say they would consider plant-based alternatives “because it’s better for the environment.” They also reported that when it came to food and beverage launches in 2020, the top two categories with a sustainability claim were Confectionary and Bakery.

Food Transparency Clean Label

A Brand New Story

According to a recent report by Ceres, About two thirds of consumers are willing to pay more for sustainable products, and that figure is even higher for millennials (73%) and Gen Z (72%).” So getting this story of sustainability out to consumers to help support their purchase decisions is increasingly essential for brands. With story telling that’s focused on food transparency being more important than ever, it is crucial for food manufacturers to seek out ingredient suppliers that can help support them in meeting their consumer’s demands.

Whether keeping labels clean with Organic certified flavors or seeking flavors that are made of only Natural ingredients, Edlong is the perfect go-to partner for brands creating clean label and better-for-you foods and beverages. We practice and encourage sustainable and environmentally sound practices throughout our organization. Our Green Team includes employees across all departments, who are tasked with developing programs that minimize our footprint and encourage employees to practice an ecologically-sound lifestyle.

Let us help you make sure your next product’s story meets consumer demand for food transparency.

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