Edlong Global Tasting Tour Plant-Based Cookies Technical Recap

After a little holiday break, we decided to start off our next stop on the Global Tasting Tour (GTT) on a sweet note with plant-based cookies. All five of the GTT cookies had the same basic base, but each was given its own regional taste profile. Our R&D teams in Mexico and Ireland sent butters from all over the world to our headquarters in the US to ensure our R&D and Applications experts created truly authentic regional profiles.

Edlong’s Global Butters Flavors line gave us the option to have a one dairy-free flavor solution for two of our cookies that already matched regional staples from various countries. We then relied on our expertise in the taste of dairy to highlight our flavor layering capabilities to create a more nuanced twist to the classic butter profiles. This leg of the tour even featured a Mystery flavor that was thrown in to see if our customers could guess which iconic food profile we were mimicking. These plant-based cookies allowed our range of bake-stable Butter flavors to shine even after going through baking at 177°C (350°F) and deep freezing at -18°C (0°F).

Thank you for all the positive feedback about how the cookies were able to teach about the variations in different butters throughout the world. Sharing our expertise in the taste of dairy and ability to leverage the full breadth and depth of our flavor line to create truly authentic eating experiences – even in plant-based applications – is the most important goal of our Edlong Global Tasting Tour and, from the survey responses, it sounds like our participants got just that.

GTT Plant-based Cookies

GTT Cookie Flavor Profiles: Regional Preferences

From our Cookies Global Tasting Tour survey, we found that our US and European customers preferred the Irish and Mystery flavor profiles, while our Latin American customers scored the Mexican profile the highest, which we loved seeing that the profile we developed was spot on for that market! All regions agreed that the New Zealand profile, which had very distinctive animal notes, was their least favorite. This showed that those notes may not pair as well in sweet bakery products though they are still a good option to use elsewhere.

As mentioned, we wanted to have some fun on this journey, so we gave you a Mystery flavor and most of you were able to pick it out as Belgian White Chocolate.

The Next Stop

We are excited to continue our GTT with all of you! Get excited for the next stop on in the coming months where we feature our flavors in a snack application!

As always, until we taste together again, don’t hesitate to reach out to our global R&D team with your development questions or to contact your local Business Development Manager about joining the next leg of the tour.

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