Unequaled Expertise in Analog Cheese Applications

Cheese can make anything taste better, so analog cheese can be a great tool in any food developer’s toolkit. But while food processors may know dairy analogs reduce cost and improve functionality, they might be concerned about flavor authenticity. That’s where Edlong shines. With application labs in Europe and North America, Edlong delivers dairy taste authenticity for analog cheese and other dairy analogs worldwide, and our knowledge of regional preferences is unrivaled. For example, we had a client developing a Cheddar product for the middle Eastern market. We helped them develop the product and achieve the mild creamy cheese profile preferred in this region. If this product had been for the Canadian market we would have used a much sharper Cheddar profile; for the UK market it would have been a more savory, meaty type Cheddar.

Analog Cheese Delivers Authenticity

With Edlong dairy flavors, an analog cheese can deliver the same impact and mouthfeel as its traditional counterpart, even in a vegan or dairy-free application. Edlong ensures the absence or reduction of commodity butter or cheese doesn’t mean the absence of authentic dairy taste. That’s why our R&D team is constantly testing, innovating and creating new formulations to meet ever-escalating consumer expectations. Here are some of our recent authentic-taste creations:

Vegan Edam & Oaxaca Cheeses

The taste and texture of European Edam and Mexican Oaxaca cheeses are recreated with Edlong flavors, maintaining depth and dominant natural flavors and richness. With heat-resistant flavors and masking technology, Edlong flavors create a plant-based analog cheese without the blandness often found in a vegan formulation.

Emmental-Style Spread

The mild and savory taste of Emmental cheese is delivered in this non-dairy and allergen-free analog cheese spread. The smooth dairy flavors mask the metallic and starchy plant-based notes, while boasting an authentic, buttery and slightly fruity taste.

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